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A Day in the Shade offers Pole Tents and Frame Tents. 

Pole Tents MUST be staked into the ground. These tents are for grassy areas and any area where stakes can be driven into the ground. 

Frame Tents are freestanding. They are used on blacktop, patios, etc. They are sometimes anchored with water barrels, stakes, or weights when necessary.

Pole Tents come in All White, Yellow/White, Green/White, Blue/White, and Red/White.


Sizes Available

           15'x15'        30'x30'      40'x40'

           20'x20'      30'x45'      40'x60'

           20'x30'      30'x60'      40'x80'

           20'x40'      30'x75'      40'x100'


30' Wide and 40' Wide Tents are All White

Frame Tents are only available in All White at this time.


Sizes Available



Tents are chosen at random for delivery. If you require a specific color, such as All White, Blue/White etc... please let us know when you place your order.
Please Note : Tents will not be changed for color preferences once they are delivered and/or installed.

Please have your yard ready for delivery of your rental equipment. The delivery staff will not wait for you to get your yard ready. It is your responsibilty to have the area clean and clear prior to our arrival.

Please DO NOT mow your lawn the day of delivery. It is best to do so at least 2 days prior to your delivery.

Please clean all Pet Waste from the area for delivery. We will NOT install any equipment in a yard with excess Pet Waste!!!!

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